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The Ultimate Guide to kickstart your digital nomad lifestyle! Step-by-Step Journey and Support. Embark on an adventure of self-discovery and growth,  as you explore the world of digital nomadism. Discover valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiration to navigate the nomadic lifestyle and design the life you desire.

Cover photo e-book Nomad Guide to the Digital Galaxy

"I started my digital nomad journey with less then €100,-

After the universe showing me how to let all I knew behind, I traveled to Portugal with my van, where I combined my freelancing with being a volunteer on a permaculture farm. After 5 years I’m still on the road and my company Nomad Design Online is flourishing. 

This is where your story starts. You most have been dreaming about it, or already started the digital nomad lifestyle. Anyhow, this book will guide you through travel preparations, setting up your company and becoming best friends with yourself…

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Start your life as a

Digital Nomad

The ultimate guide to kickstart your digital nomad journey! From securing reliable Wi-Fi to embracing personal growth, and maintaning a conscious and healthy workflow; this guide covers it all. 

Step out of your comfort zone with confidence, knowing you have the support and tips & tricks you need every step of the way. Embark on a transformative journey over the symbolic “Insight Island”. Explore themes of growth, resilience, and community, crafting your unique path in the world and digital galaxy.

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Nomad Guide to the Digital Galaxy

Cover photo e-book Nomad Guide to the Digital Galaxy

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