Who is the nomad guide?

Digital nomad Lisa Geven on a coastal camping in the east of Spain eating icecream and enjoying life

My journey

Good day to you, my name is Lisa. I’ve been a digital nomad since winter 2019. As a web- and graphic designer, more sustainable hosting manager, branding- and SEO agency under the name of Nomad Design Online. 

I traveled Europe with my van and caravan, was based in The Netherlands for a long time and currently traveling Portugal. Besides these countries, I’ve seen the whole east coast of Spain, a lot of France, India, New York, London, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary and Germany.

Digital Nomad Guide shares tips

My story is to long and wonderful to fit in to this text block. That’s  why I will show you bit by bit how I went from €100,- without a roof over my head, to a succesful digital nomad talking to her clients from a terrace in Portugal.

I currenty travel with my fiancé, 2 cats ánd dog in our caravan. Before this I owned a Volkswagen T3, lived in yurts, self build homes, as a petsitter and a volunteer.

Any questions?

I’m here to guide you on your digital nomad path. Feel free to connect on Facebook and Instagram, send a message or… buy my e-book! The Nomad Guide to the Digital Galaxy gives you all basic info on starting your travel journey (online).

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