My journey to freedom and impact

As someone who values sustainability, health, and freedom, I’ve found a path that has not only transformed my own life but can also inspire others to pursue their dreams. In this blog, I share my transformation from a busy Recruiter in Amsterdam to a life of freedom, sustainability, and online entrepreneurship.

My life as a recruiter in Amsterdam

After graduating in 2014 with a degree in Human Resource Management, I worked in various HR roles. I loved my last job as a Recruiter. However, I worked more than 50 hours a week, was always available, enjoyed a vibrant social life, and exercised about 6 days a week. This was my ‘normal’ because everyone around me was doing it. Until early 2020 when I was unexpectedly laid off. For a month, I felt miserable until I realized: they had given me back my freedom.

Time, location and financial freedom

Let me be clear: I had a very good job and earned almost €50,000 a year. But on the flip side, I also had high rent costs, only 25 vacation days, and worked more than 50 hours a week. The redundancy gave me a financial cushion that allowed me to discover what I truly wanted to do with my life. I chose to travel and do volunteer work, focusing on sustainability and health. This experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of a life outside the traditional rat race.

The search for online work

Through traveling, it became increasingly clear that I would never go back to office work. There is so much to discover and contribute to in the world that I wanted to retain the freedom to continue doing so. I explored various forms of online work, such as freelancing and blogging, but didn’t feel passionate about them. Also, as a freelancer, I’d still be depending on projects and clients. In addition, I enjoyed connecting with like-minded individuals and collaborating. That’s when I came across a global online community that felt just right. I watched a 30-minute webinar and knew: this is it.

Online work with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

The community teaches me everything about High Ticket Network (affiliate) marketing. Essentially, it involves promoting the products or services of an organization. Each time you make a sale, you earn a commission. It’s actually a very old way of doing marketing. For example, traditional marketing often reserves 50% for advertisements, TV commercials, etc. With Network Marketing, this percentage goes to the people = money to the people instead of other organizations. Why would we reinvent the wheel when there’s something out there that completely aligns with your values?

The product and organization I work with

There are many different types of affiliate marketing. I chose High Ticket Affiliate
Marketing because it adds value and doesn’t solely focus on making money like with
links through Amazon. That’s when I came across Enagic, a Japanese company
which already exists for 50 years and produces medical grade products. Their main
product is Kangen Water.

Kangen Water is an ionizer that not only filters your tap water but transforms it into
Electrolyzed Reduced Water. Countless scientific articles have been written about it,
and its impact on our health is enormous. We, as humans, exist out of 70% water,
however, we hardly pay any attention to the quality of our drinking water – which is
horrible when you dive into this world (it contains, amongst other things, traces of
chlorine, drugs and heavy metals).

Besides the fact that Kangen Water is essential for our overall wellbeing, it has a
huge environmental impact. With adjustable pH levels ranging from 2.5 to 11.5, it
has more than 68 different applications that eliminate the need for chemicals. It
replaces bleach, beauty products, conditioner, and is a very powerful degreaser. And,
my favourite: it washes pesticides off fruits and vegetables. So, it was a no-brainer
for me: this is a product I want to have and start my business with.

What do you earn with High Ticket Network Marketing?

With one sale, you can earn between €285 and €4,500 and collaborate within a community (of course you have to build this up!). Affiliate marketing is versatile: from online advertisements to offline demonstrations. By using the product yourself and experiencing the benefits, you naturally want to tell others about it. It’s like recommending your favourite restaurant, but getting paid for it. The company has a patented commission plan, which means that no other organization is using this way of payment. It’s not without reason that more and more people are choosing for Enagic to start their own (online)business.

Making an impact with an eco-project in France

After traveling for 3 years I now live at La Forêt du Dragon <>. A beautiful remote place in the heart of a Natura 2000 area where we are setting up an eco-project focusing on biodiversity and land regeneration. Through forest bathing, we bring people back to themselves more deeply because in all the hustle of the world, we’ve forgotten how to truly connect with ourselves, others, and nature. We have a campsite, 4 accommodations, and offer pilgrimages with our herd of animals and retreats. I think it’s awesome that I can share Kangen Water with visitors here. This way, I want to make health and sustainability a continuous topic of conversation. We humans are 70% water, so it’s essential for our health. New visitors receive two bottles of Kangen Water with a flyer that zooms in on the global plastic problem. Away with chemicals, away with plastic! Of course, our animals enjoy the benefits the healthy water as well and we’ve integrated the usages of the different pH in our cleaning tasks (such as cleaning the toilet/kitchen). Everything comes directly from your tap, what more could you want! Our goal is to provide each accommodation with a Kangen Water machine and spread sustainability/health. The fact that I earn (good) money directly from this is obviously a bonus.

Together for Harmony – join my team and start working online

During my travels, I always said, “where you feel fear, there lies your growth potential.” That’s why I invite you to take that first step towards a life of freedom and fulfillment with me. Whether you want to spend more time with your family, do volunteer work, or explore the world, I’m ready to guide you.

Get in touch and start your journey to freedom

Curious about how you too can start this journey toward freedom and
sustainability? Contact me over Instagram, have a look at my LinkedIn
or directly watch our webinar to discover more. Join our global community
and start your discovery process for just €90 and a 14 day payback guarantee. I’m
here to help you on your way to a life that aligns with your values and dreams. If I
was capable of changing, so can you.
La Foret du Dragon Facebook.

Our (online) community during a meetup in Sweden

Flyers for at La Foret du Dragon

Washing off pesticides from the strawberries with using Kangen water 2.5

Me and Benjamin & Billy during one of our pilgrimages

Working online in Spain

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