Nomad Guide to the Digital Galaxy

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The Ultimate digital nomad guide

Ultimate digital nomad guide online e-book. The ultimate guide to assist on your (online) adventure, for your business and travel dreams to become reality and set yourself free. The term “digital nomad” struck a chord with you, and the idea of working online for yourself appears to be a solution. While it can be a part of it, understand that true freedom resides within you, already present. In the vast chaos of life, there’s an island where you discover inspiration, guidance, tips, and tricks for your journey—a roadmap for your upcoming adventure, both online and in the physical realm. 

Who is the Nomad Guide Online?

First want to know more about the writer, and where all these experiences come from? Read my blogs in the future or go to > About.

Table of Contents:


  • my roadtstory
  • Insight Island

Chapter 1: What is a digital nomad?

  • The perks of being a digital nomad
  • Challenges of a digital nomad and how to concur them
  • What if I woods? Assignment: Stop negativity and start the right mindset

Chapter 2: Discovering yourself

  • Personal growth and adaptability
  • Overcoming fear and building resilience
  • Kingdom of Ikigai. Assignment; finding your Ikigai

Chapter 3: Building an online company

  • Job possibilities of a digital nomad
  • Starting from scratch
  • A sustainable business
  • Duty Dunes. Assignment; taking responsibility

Chapter 4: Preparing for travel

  • Expenses and goals
  • Visas and other legalities
  • Visa Friendly countries
  • Accompanied travel
  • Digital nomad checklist
  • Action Acres.  Assignment: the power of writing down goals.

Chapter 5: Digital nomad spots and WiFi

  • Selecting suitable destinations
  • Staying productive while traveling
  • Software tools
  • Zen Zone: meditation and hypnose. Assignment: start different today

Chapter 6: Building a network and meeting others

  •  Attending digital nomad meetups and events
  • Joining online communities and forums
  • Using social media platforms to connect
  • Presence Peak: unique online presence. Assignment: reflect on your values

Chapter 7: Finding online remote jobs

  • Popular platforms for remote job opportunities
  • Building a team
  • Creating an impressive online portfolio
  • Developing skills for remote work

Chapter 8: (Environmentally) Conscious traveling

  • What can you do?
  • Tips to reduce carbon footprint while traveling\
  • Eco-conscious business
  • Your Haven: YOUR space. Assignment: brainstorm potential company namesKingdom of Ikigai: Developing skills. Assignment: start learning



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Customer Reviews


“This is the book I wish I had when I started the digital nomad lifestyle. It's a real guide and if you follow the steps you realy have a start!”


“Finally a guide that realy gives tips and tricks, not just some blog to get likes. Especialy the "Insight Island" was original to me."

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